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Index of KCAA Meeting Minutes - 1996


March 14, 1996

Linda Hall Library
Kansas City, Missouri

 REPORT: Third quarterly meeting of the 1995-1996 fiscal year, Thursday, March 14, 1996, 3:00 p.m., Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Missouri; 35 attendees.

The group met at 2:15 p.m. in the Rare Book Room. Cynthia Rogers, History of Science Assistant, described some of the interesting items in the collection. She introduced Bruce Bradley, History of Science Librarian, who led the group on a tour through the main parts of the library to the Auditorium.

 Ron Romig, Senior Co-Chair, convened the meeting at 3:00 p.m. He thanked the Linda Hall Library for its hospitality and the refreshments.

Angela Curran noted one change to the minutes of the December 7th quarterly meeting as they were published in the Dusty Shelf. Under the report of the Professional Development Committee, the first recipient of the minority Internship award was referred to as Letha Barnes. Her correct name is Letha Johnson. Angela asked if there were any other changes to the 12-7-95 minutes. They were approved as published with the change as noted.

Matt Veatch went over the March 14th Treasurer’s Report. He noted that there had been over $1,300.00 in expenses since the last meeting, most of which was for the Minority Internship. He pointed out the Fund Balances at the bottom of the report, particularly the General Fund, which is down to $751.17. Fortunately, there will be income soon from membership dues. Matt indicated that he may be setting up a fund-raising account specifically designated for the Minority Internship. He had followed up with 1995-1996 donors to the Scholarship fund to determine how many had intended their donations to support the Minority Internship Program. Of the $225.00 or so donated, $85.00 was intended for the Minority Internship Program. Matt indicated that he will soon be receiving a request from Becky Schulte regarding a donation by KCAA of $200 to the Kansas Information and Records Preservation Council (KIRPC). At the March 1995 meeting, Becky had requested on behalf of KIRPC a donation from KCAA to support a disaster recovery network that was being set up. KCAA members had voted to support this donation.

Deborah Dandridge was unable to attend. Jerry Motsinger, a committee member, read a report from the Committee (attached). The report noted that two recipients had completed internships at the Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Kansas City in 1995 and that the 1994 recipient has been nominated by the Kansas State Historical Society for the 1996 SAA Minority Student Award. The committee wrote a letter of support for her nomination.

The Committee would like to begin advertising for the 1996 program by March 20, 1996, conduct interviews between April 22 and May 1, 1996, and have the selected candidate start the 10-week program on June 1, 1996. The application deadline is April 15, 1996.

Ron reminded attendees that the Directory of Kansas City Area Repositories has been produced on computer diskette. It is available for $5.00 in three formats: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and ASCII. The disk format is useful particularly for the capability to search for specific subject information.
Ann McFerrin reported that she has almost completed typing the new version of Keeping Your Past, which was a publication intended to help individuals preserve their personal documents and memorabilia. It was very popular and brought KCAA steady income in its first version. Ann has sent it back to Stephanie Watkins and Nancy Heugh for comments. She is trying to work with Stan Ingersol to get it published.

Ann McFerrin reported that the KCAA Symposium will be held a little later in the year than usual. A possible date will be Saturday, July 13. The topics to be covered will be electronic records, the Internet, and computer applications in archives. The Committee is working with Margaret Hedstrom to be the main speaker at the Symposium. Ms. Hedstrom is working with the Kansas State Historical Society on an NHPRC grant to manage electronic records, so she will be in the region. Ann stressed that the committee needs to meet within the next week.
Ann reported that she is trying to organize an Archives Week for the Kansas City area, possibly for the fall. She has been working with Nancy Sherbert at the Kansas State Historical Society, who had been involved in a similar event for her organization.
Ann referred the group to the handout pertaining to new KCAA T-shirts. The design will utilize a Shoe cartoon. Ann stressed that if orders are placed by May 1st, there is a large color selection available. The T-shirts are good quality cotton/polyester from a company in Topeka which produced the T-shirts for the Kansas History Center’s grand opening. Sweatshirts will be available too. A decision needs to be made regarding the placement of the cartoon and the words "Kansas City Area Archivists." The group present voted to have the lettering on the front and the cartoon on the back of the shirts.

Stan Ingersol was unable to attend. Ron delivered a plea for information for the newsletter. He said that Stan envisions producing an April Issue which would have a March 31st deadline for material. Stan would like a lot of "News from the Stacks." A Mini-Shelf newsletter will be produced just before the June 15th Annual Dinner meeting.

Jelain Chubb reported on the current status of membership. Since the December 7th meeting, she has received dues payments for 15 individual memberships: 5 renewals and 10 new or lapsed memberships, for a total of 141 individual members. There has been 1 new institutional member (Jackson County Historical Society) for a total of 19 institutional members. She reminded those attending to encourage their institutions to join KCAA. Jelain reminded everyone that the KCAA membership runs from June 1st - May 31st, so renewals should be going out toward the end of April. This year’s renewal forms will include a survey form which will ask for specific information about each member, including areas of expertise.
Jelain reported that she had distributed lists to each Committee chair of people who had indicated willingness to serve on committees. The chairs will be contacting individuals soon if they have not already.
Jelain reported that there are twelve 1995-1996 Membership Directories left. Members should let her know if they have not received one. There will be a revised membership flyer produced soon. She is hoping to send at least one to each member by June 15th for posting/copying in their institutions. She has been working on a letter to send to new members. If you have suggestions of information to include in this letter, let her know.

Bill Worley announced that he is soliciting nominations for KCAA officers for the 1996-1997 year. In addition, he needs nominations for the annual Holly Award, also known as the Award of Excellence. This is given to recognize outstanding contributions to preserving the documentary heritage of the Greater Kansas City Area. Bill also noted that there have been discussions about establishing another award meant to honor members for distinguished service. He welcomes nominations and suggestions about these awards, and Bill would accept help from people who are willing to serve on the Committee with him. The next Dusty Shelf should contain a nomination form.

Ron gave some background regarding the establishment of the Scholarship Committee. By vote of the membership and the March 1995 meeting, this committee was established to consist of the three past Senior Co-Chairs. This committee has been in place since then but has had no guidelines. Ron referred everyone to the KCAA Scholarship Fund Guidelines (attached). He noted the confusion between the Scholarship Fund and the minority Internship, and stressed that these guidelines would address a way of providing partial annual support to the Minority Internship Program, subject to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Ron asked for a vote to accept these guidelines. Harold Smith so moved. The motion passed. Ron will make them available to the Scholarship Committee Chair.

Ron Referred everyone to the Membership Dues Proposal (attached). He explained that dues have not been raised for about 8 years. KCAA doesn’t have adequate income to support its programs. He noted in particular the change in dues structure for institutions, which would establish three levels. In addition, there would be a student membership maintained at the current level of individual dues. Ron asked for a vote to adopt these guidelines. Harold Smith moved that they be adopted. The motion passed.

Nancy Hulston, a member of the Professional Development Committee, read the Committee’s proposal for KCAA funding for the 1996 Minority Internship Program (attached), which asked KCAA to support the program in the amount of $750.00 plus operating costs, based on partial funding already provided by Western Historical Manuscript Collection-Kansas City and the Kansas Collection at KU. The proposal also invited other institutions to show their support by offering partial funding of $750.00 for interns. Nancy clarified a question about whether this was for a minority internship or a general internship, noting that it is the minority internship program, which has had 3 recipients in the past and many qualified applicants. Upon request for vote to approve this proposal, one member asked that interns be invited to quarterly meetings to describe their experiences in their internships. This was agreed. The motion to approve the proposal passed.

Ron announced that John Mark Lambertson has indicated his willingness to show his "111000 Tombstones" slide show on Friday, September 13. A location has not yet been decided. This would be a social occasion for KCAA members with some element of fund-raising too, which has yet to be determined. John Mark later explained what the slide show is about: it is a collection of slides from all 50 states and around 12 foreign countries. It centers around artwork, inscriptions, and oddities on the tombstones.

Denise Morrison, Junior Co-Chair, announced that the Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday, June 15th, in Kansas City. The location will probably be the Hereford House. The other two locations she investigated were the Hyatt Regency Crown Center and Bo Ling's. Kenneth Winn, the Missouri State Archivist, will be the speaker. There will be more information in the Dusty Shelf or the Mini-Shelf about the meeting.
Denise also described for those present the tentative plans to hold a silent auction at the Annual Dinner meeting as a fund-raiser for the Minority Internship Program. She explained that her graduate alumni group holds one every year. Individuals bring items from their institutions' gift shops, their homes, baked goods, and so forth. This event has been very popular and successful for her alumni group and the Steering Committee has been considering this as a possible option for KCAA. Denise asked by a show of hands how many people would be willing to bring an item to include in an auction. Enough people present indicated interest to make the event worthwhile, so plans will continue for this activity.

Ron directed everyone's attention to the Position Descriptions of KCAA Officers and Committees. He asked that everyone come prepared to approve these at the Annual Dinner Meeting in June. Nancy Hulston pointed out that there is no description included for the Professional Development Committee. Ron noted this correction and said that he will produce a complete version of these Position Descriptions before the June meeting.

Denise addressed the issue of several committees lacking chairs and even members, notably Publications, Publicity, and the proposed Fund-Raising Committee. She referred to the lists that Jelain had provided Committee Chairs showing interested individuals and emphasized that Chairs will be calling to follow up.

Ron called for a vote to approve a new line item accounting procedure to allow for a separate fund to be set up for the Minority Internship Program, rather than including it in the Scholarship Fund balance. The motion was approved. Nancy Hulston asked if there will be space on the Membership form for individuals to check off donations specifically for the Minority Internship. She was assured there will be.

Dave Boutros described his efforts to establish a KCAA presence on the Internet’s WorldWide Web. He had offered to convert the Membership Directory and put it on the Web under UMKC's server. In addition, he will create a page for each institution in the directory. There will be links to the home pages of KCAA members' institutions, e-mail accounts, or static pages that can be updated. Dave stressed that if anyone would like to be involved in the process or has questions to give him a call. Carole Prietto from Washington University in St. Louis asked Dave to provide her with the information so that she can set up a link with the Association of St. Louis Archivists.

Cynthia Rogers mentioned that Neal Moore, from the Ozarks Labor union Archives in Springfield, Missouri, had some handouts for interested attendees. He passed around information about his institution and its collection holdings.

The meeting was adjourned.

After the meeting, Bruce Bradley provided a demonstration of the Leonardo information system used by the Linda Hall Library and the Spencer Art Reference Library of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, showed a sample of the Library's World Wide Web site, and played a videotaped introduction to the Linda Hall Library.

Submitted by
Angela Curran
KCAA Secretary



June 15, 1996

Hereford House Restaurant
Kansas City, Missouri

The 1996 Annual Meeting included our usual dinner and business meeting. A silent auction was also conducted as a fund raiser for the Minority Internship Committee. The silent auction began at 6:00 p.m. while members were arriving and concluded after dinner and the business meeting.

The business meeting was called to order by Chair Ron Romig at approximately 7:35 p.m., during the serving of desert. Ron deferred the reading and approval of the minutes and turned the chair over to William Worley for awards presentations and the election of officers. Susanne Knowles received a special citation of recognition for her volunteer efforts at KU Med and her valuable local history research. Kenneth H. Winn, also received a citation of recognition for his valuable service as State Archivist of the state of Missouri.

NEW OFFICERS: Moving to the election of 1996-97 officers , Bill placed the names of Denise Morrison, senior co-chair, Amy Leimkuhler, secretary, and Matt Veatch, treasurer, into nomination. There were no further nominations from the floor. Amy and Matt were unanimously elected. Bill explained that there would be no names offered for junior co-chair, with action on that position expected at the next quarterly meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Ron called for reports. Treasurer Matt Veatch provided a report detailing recent income and expenditures and indicating a 5 June 1996 balance of $7448.02 for all funds.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Ann McFerrin reported for the Education Committee indicating plans for a successful 1996 symposium to be held at UMKC focusing on access to electronic records. Ann also invited members to purchase a new KCAA T-shirt.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Deborah Dandridge reported on the proposed change of the committee from the Professional Development Committee to the Minority Internship Committee. For the past several years PD has focused on the minority internship program. Members were invited to consider changing the title of the Professional Development Committee to Minority Internship Committee. Deborah proposed that general professional development responsibilities be given to the Education Committee. She also proposed that the KCAA Secretary be allowed to call and convene a Program Committee for planning occasional quarterly meeting programs relating to our members’ professional development. Deborah also reported the selection and placement of Ishmael Kimbrough as this year's minority intern. Ishmael is a graduate student in History at Emporia State University. He will serve his internship at the Kansas Collection.

PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE: Lynn Jenkins reported on efforts to convene a Publications Committee. She suggested several ideas for new publications, including a guide for teachers suggesting ways to encourage students to utilize archival resources.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Jelain Chubb reported for the Membership Committee. A little more than 35 percent of last year's members had renewed for the coming year. Jelain is working on the final revision of a membership renewal thank you letter.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE: Ron read a Newsletter Committee report prepared by Stan Ingersol, thanking KCAA members who contributed articles and materials for the newsletter this past year. The letter indicated that members could anticipate a forthcoming issue of the Dusty Shelf, and invited articles from those who can share about what is involved in corporate, museum, university, or presidential archives.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Reporting for the Scholarship Committee, Ron Romig indicated that scholarship funds are available and reminded members of recently approved procedures for better utilizing this important KCAA resource.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS: Following reports, Ron called the matter of updated KCAA job descriptions before the body. After brief discussion, the revised job descriptions were approved. The Chair also called attention to a mistake which appears on the new KCAA membership brochure, which mistakenly lists Institutional Memberships as $30 rather than $25. As several had already joined at this rate, Ron asked for approval for the $30 rate. This was also approved.

SPEAKER KENNETH WINN: After acknowledging the valuable work and services of officers, committee chairs, members and friends this past year, Ron called for a motion to adjourn. The Chair then introduced our speaker, Kenneth H. Winn, Missouri State Archivist. Ken shared an interesting and timely talk entitled, "The Hat Over the Wall: Reflections on the Vagaries of the Archival Life and Our Hope for a Better Day to Come." Ken expressed his interest in the work of local archivists, offered to help as able, and encouraged increased networking throughout the region.

SILENT AUCTION: Following Ken's talk, new Senior Chair Denise Morrison expressed thanks to Ken. After a brief break, Denise started the bidding for the silent auction. The auction was a lot of fun, with almost every donated item finding a new owner, and quite successful with the final tally totaling $455 raised for the Minority Internship program. Thanks to all for your participation and support!

Reported by
Ron Romig



September 19, 1996

Kenneth Spencer Research Library
Lawrence, Kansas

The meeting was convened by KCAA senior Co-chair Denise Morrison at 10:45 am. There were 23 members in attendance. Denise thanked the staff of Spencer Library for hosting the meeting, mentioning Sheryl Williams and Becky Schulte in particular.

Ron Romig read aloud the minutes from the June Annual meeting for the group’s approval. The minutes were published in the Dusty Shelf but not everyone had received their copy yet so the minutes were read before approval. Deborah Dandridge noted that the minutes reported KCAA award recipient Susanne Knowles worked as a volunteer at the Kansas University Medical Center when she actually worked in the Kansas Collection at the Spencer Library in Lawrence. After this minor adjustment the minutes were approved.

Matt Veatch reported an active quarter for KCAA. This past quarter included membership renewal, the annual dinner and first annual auction, and the Symposium. The Symposium netted approximately $200. The $410 raised from the auction at the annual dinner went to the Minority Internship Program as planned. While other funds are stable, the general fund is very low.

Committee Reports

Denise announced that Bob Knecht has agreed to serve as chair of the committee, taking Ann McFerrin’s inherited position well in hand. Bob was not able to attend the meeting so there was no report filed.

Jelain Chubb reported that she is still collecting outstanding dues for this year. At the time of the meeting, she had received 88 renewals and was waiting for approximately 50 more. Jelain also reported that 12 new members have joined KCAA. Welcome! Renewing members please review the 1995-1996 membership directory and report any necessary changes to Jelain as soon as possible. Membership must be paid by October 31 to appear in the 1996-1997 directory. By the December meeting Jelain hopes to have an accurate membership count.

MINORITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM COMMITTEE (formerly Professional Development Committee)
Deborah Dandridge, chair, reported that this past summer’s intern, Ismail Kimbrouhg, did very well at the Kansas Collection at the University of Kansas. Funding for Ismail cam from both KCAA and KU. Last year’s intern also was paid by both KCAA and the hosting institution (Western Historical Manuscript Collections). Deborah said the program has begun to raise awareness of KCAA and that she is very proud of the interns that have gone through the program and of the program itself. Nancy Hulston, committee member, reported that the program was conceived in 1989 and has had three very successful years recruiting interns. She hopes KCAA will continue to extend its support to this worthy program. Letha Johnson, the first intern through the program and a current member of KCAA, received the Society of American Archivist Minority Award in 1995. Congratulations Letha! Letha is an excellent example of the quality student interested in participating in the intern program. It is a grueling task to choose just one intern every year out of the talented pool of applicants.

Stan Ingersol reported the next issue of the Dusty Shelf will be out late November. Deadlines for submissions is November 10. Please submit any institutional news (exhibits, personnel, etc.) you may have. Stan also wants to find someone interested in writing a front page article. This article should focus on a particular aspect of the archival community, its challenges and rewards. All committee chairs are strongly encouraged to write a brief report on committee activities for submission in the Dusty Shelf. Please remember many members are unable to attend quarterly meetings and the Dusty Shelf is their way to stay in touch with KCAA activities.

Denise spoke for Bill Worley, chair, who was unable to attend the meeting. Bill has turned the chair of the committee over to Dave Boutros. Anyone interested in joining the committee should call Dave Boutros at Western Historical Manuscript Collections.

Lynn Jenkins, chair, reported that the committee is investigating different ideas for publications. The committee will check locally to see what types of technical leaflets, if any, are in circulation as this is one avenue it is considering. Also under consideration is a package for school teachers that would offer ideas for incorporating primary documents into class activities. The committee will work with the Education Committee on this idea but also welcomes any ideas or advice KCAA members may have concerning this project or any others. Dave Boutros has put KCAA on the web at the address:

Members are encouraged to contact Dave for more information. Thanks to Dave for taking KCAA into cyberspace. Ann McFerrin announced the phase is near completion for Keeping Your Past and will soon be ready to publish. Also, Ann took the opportunity to remind people that there are still plenty of new KCAA T-shirts and sweatshirts available!

Mary Hawkins, chair, announced she is excited to begin as chair of the committee and hopes to make it a more active committee during her leadership. Jack Nesbitt will be working with her on the committee.

Ron Romig, chair, reiterated that the past three co-chairs of KCAA serve on the Scholarship Committee. He encouraged KCAA members to take advantage of the resources available to them.

Old Business

Bobbi Rahder has graciously accepted the position of junior co-chair of KCAA. Bobbi lives in Lawrence, and is working to establish an archives at Haskell Indian college. A motion to accept her nomination was made and seconded, with no oppositions.

After two years of planning John Mark Lambertson will present "Marble Roses: Art and Symbolism on the Tombstones of America." [In the week following the meeting, the date and location were finalized: October 28, 1996 at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.] Discussion at the September meeting focused around the short time for advertising but the interest in having the presentation around Halloween. John Mark is willing to make this an annual KCAA event and has assured KCAA members that his collection of slides is large enough to create different presentations.

New Business

Jelain Chubb announced the annual Kansas Archives Week is the week of October 13th - 19th . On September 30th, Governor Bill Graves will sign the proclamation officially recognizing Archive Week. October also is National Library Month.

Meeting adjourned.

Sheryl Williams of the Kansas Collection at the University of Kansas spoke on security issues for manuscript repositories. Her discussion focused around the experiences of the Kansas Collection staff during and after the thefts last year from the Collection. Sheryl cautioned that thefts of this or any sort can happen in any repository.

The next quarterly meeting will be held at Unity School of Christianity in Unity Village, MO on December 12th. The meeting will convene at 2pm in Education building. We will break for refreshments before going on a tour of the Unity Library and Archives. Steering Committee will meet at the Snow Garden restaurant at 12pm before the full meeting.



December 12, 1996

Unity School of Christianity
Unity Village, MO


The meeting was convened by KCAA senior co-chair Denise Morrison at 3:00 PM after a brief history and tour of Unity School of Christianity Archives and Library. The tour was conducted by KCAA members Carolyn Stewart, Eric Page, and David Jackson. There were 20 members in attendance.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Minutes from the Fall meeting in Lawrence were distributed and time was allowed for review. Lynn Ward asked if the web address given for the KCAA homepage was correct. Amy Leimkuhler said she would check the address and make any necessary corrections in the minutes. (The address is correct as it appears in the Fall meeting minutes.) Jelain Chubb noted that Letha Johnson’s name had been incorrectly spelled with two "e"s. Apologies to Letha. No other corrections or comments were forthcoming so Ron Romig moved to accept the minutes. With Matt Veatch’s second, the minutes were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: This past quarter included some membership renewals and the publication of the Dusty Shelf. Matt did mention that the $500 from the Kemper Foundation was particularly exciting in an otherwise quiet quarter. (See Minority Internship Program report for further information on Kemper donation).

Before beginning the committee reports, Denise Morrison took a moment to introduce herself and the executive committee to those present. The executive committee is: Denise Morrison, senior co-chair; Bobbi Rahder, junior co-chair; Matt Veatch, treasurer; and Amy Leimkuhler, secretary.

AWARDS & NOMINATIONS: Denise reported on behalf of Dave Boutros, committee chair, who was unable to attend. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact Dave Boutros. Members will meet in the Spring to discuss candidates and also will be investigating standards for the various awards.

MINORITY INTERNSHIP PROJECT: Formerly the Professional Development Committee, this committee has changed its name to more accurately reflect its primary purpose. Pat Michaelis and Amy Leimkuhler, co-chairs, head the committee. Due to the work of Connie Menninger, the Program has received $1,500 from the Kemper Foundation to be spent over a three year period. Connie is in the process of contacting other possible sponsors. The sponsoring funds will enable the Program to offer more repositories from which interns may chose. Previously, the Committee had to place interns at institutions that were able to provide partial funding.

A question from the floor concerning requirements for applicants and interns was discussed. Applicants are required to submit a cover letter stating their interest in the Program and future career goals, a resume, and three references. Applications are reviewed by the Committee and interviews are scheduled. Past interns have spoken at the annual meeting about their experiences. Written reports are being discussed as a new requirement.

PUBLICITY: Mary Hawkins, chair, reported the publicity for the "Marble Roses" slide presentation was completed under deadline. The cost of announcement mailings was considerable and Mary is investigating possible cheaper means (ex bulk mail rates or electronic announcements). Denise mentioned that despite the short warning, the event was successful. Thanks were extended to Rita Klepac and Mary for their work. There were 51 attendants at the function, raising $248 for KCAA. The event will likely become an annual event as John Mark Lambertson, the presenter, has numerous slides.

Ann McFerrin has plenty of T-shirts and sweatshirts left to sell! Please contact her to get your KCAA shirt!

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Bob Knecht reported the committee has been planning a Spring symposium that would have a "two track" approach to satisfy beginning archivists and professional archivists. Ideas for sessions include deaccessioning, records management, security, using primary documents in the classroom. Tentative date of April 12 but concern over Missouri History Day coinciding may result in new date. The committee also is working on an idea for a half day workshop for the late summer. The tentative focus is bringing educators and archivists together: what we can do for each other. Ways to bring primary documents into the classroom would be discussed. Bob distributed a brief survey at the end of his report on possible topics for the symposium.

NEWSLETTER: Stan Ingersol reminded people that he is always on the lookout for a front page article for the Dusty Shelf. Committee chairs, please consider writing committee report for the newsletter. Those who can not attend meetings are still interested in committee activities.

PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE: Lynn Ward asked that everyone check the information in the Directory of Repositories either through the internet or by calling her personally. Any corrections should be sent to Dave Boutros.

Ann McFerrin is updating the format and adding illustrations to Keeping Your Past. This was last published in 1987 by KCAA.

The committee also is preparing a booklet for teachers on using primary documents in the classroom. Hopes are for it being ready for the half day workshop being planned by the Education Committee.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Ron Romig wants everyone to know there is money in the scholarship fund that is not being used. There will be information about the fund in the Dusty Shelf. Please consider applying if you need added support for professional conferences, workshops, etc.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Jelain Chubb announced the new directory is completed. She thanked Matt Veatch for computer assistance during preparations. If there are any corrections, please contact Jelain. Jelain gave meeting attendants results of the survey that was included with membership renewal packets this year. Of particular interest were responses to the last three questions some of which appear below.

1. How can KCAA increase its membership? Increase membership categories, more publicity, workshops, personal contact with members who have lapsed.

2. What kinds of programs would you like to see offered at quarterly meetings? Job announcements, research opportunities, tours of other institutions, disaster and recovery networks.

3. What do you feel is the one thing KCAA could do to better serve the membership? Name tags at meetings, list serve, newsletters, meeting reminders in advance.

Membership currently stands at 117 individual members and 24 institutional members. Membership numbers and the survey results will be in the Dusty Shelf.

CONCLUDING REMARKS: Denise concluded with several remarks. She thanked the various committee chairs for their time and effort. The executive committee is working to establish several future meeting sites. Please get to Denise or Bobbi with any ideas or offers you may have for host institutions. Also, it is time to start thinking about the annual meeting. Please get any ideas you may have for speakers, locations, etc to Bobbi.

The meeting was adjourned for refreshments.

The next quarterly meeting will be held at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas on March 20. The meeting will convene at 2pm in the Library in Tommaney Hall. We will tour the Library and Archives, have our business meeting, and conclude with refreshments. The Steering Committee will meet at Carlos O’Kelly’s Mexican Cafe at 12pm before the full meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Leimkuhler