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Index of KCAA Meeting Minutes - 1997


March 20, 1997

Haskell Indian Nations University
Lawrence, KS

The meeting convened by junior co-chair Bobbi Rahder at 2:10 with 25 members in attendance. Bobbi introduced Benny Smith, Cherokee spiritual leader and Haskell Assistant Dean of Students, who opened the meeting with a Cherokee blessing. After the blessing, Bobbi gave a brief history of Haskell and the Frank A. Rinehart Collection of glass plates which brought Bobbi to Haskell. She concluded with a tour of the library facilities.

The meeting formally began at 3:20.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Leimkuhler suggested meeting announcements be sent electronically to those who have e-mail accounts listed in the KCAA directory. Those without e-mail accounts will receive the postcard currently being sent to the entire organization. E-mail announcements will save on mailing costs. The group had no objections and agreed it should begin with the Fall meeting. All KCAA members will receive written invitations to the annual dinner.

The minutes from the December meeting were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Matt Veatch reported that there was very little activity in the accounts report over the past quarter. The main activity involved the donations to the Minority Internship Program fund.

AWARDS & NOMINATIONS: Denise Morrison reported for chair, Dave Boutros. If anyone is interested in serving on the committee they should contact Dave.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Bob Knecht reported that the annual spring symposium, "Everything About Archives You Never Learned in Kindergarten," has been set and 650 brochures have been mailed. The symposium will have several speakers from various regional institutions.

The committee is already planning next year’s symposium in conjunction with the publication committee. The topic will likely be using archival material in the classroom and will be aimed toward teachers as well as archivists.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Jelain Chubb announced that two individuals and one institution have joined KCAA since the last quarterly meeting. George Bower, one of the new members, was in attendance and was introduced to the group by Jelain. George is particularly interested in Kansas City aviation history. KCAA membership now stands at 120 individuals and 25 institutions. Thirty-five members did not renew their membership this year. Membership renewals will go out again on April 30.

Jelain is asking that a new chair of the committee be found so while the return address for renewals will be hers, the new chair will be in charge of renewals. Jelain uses D-Base and Report Writer so the next chair should ideally have those software products available to them.

MINORITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: Amy Leimkuhler, co-chair, passed around copies of the poster advertising the internship. The poster was sent to numerous institutions and organizations around the KCAA area. Letters and forms requesting institutions to apply for hosting the intern have also been mailed.

Pat Michaelis, co-chair, announced that the MIP fund will be invested in a certificate of deposit to increase the amount of interest earned. This interest will be added to the MIP fund. With this interest, the existing amount in the fund and other fund raising activities, the committee hopes to be able to fund the internship for a fourth year. Pat and Amy will continue to try to get permanent funding from the current donors and/or other sponsors.

Anyone interested in serving on the committee should contact either Amy or Pat.

NEWSLETTER Stan Ingersol is preparing the next issue of The Dusty Shelf for a possible late April publishing date. He still has no individual or institutional information to include in this issue. There is an April 7th deadline for the issue. The next issue will not be until late July.

Please send submissions both electronically (if able) and by mail.

PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE: Lynn Ward took a moment to share with the group that Ann McFerrin is very ill with cancer. A long time, active member of KCAA, Ann has the thoughts and support of its members.

Lynn asked that everyone take a moment in the next few weeks to check the web page listing the Kansas City area repositories to ensure their information is correct. Send any corrections to Lynn Ward.

Lynn reported that Keeping Your Past is getting closer to a publication date. It will be a "jazzed up" version of the 1987 original and will include care of electronic records, faxes and other current archival issues. Lynn is starting to investigate printing options.

The other project of the committee is a brochure that will be published either before or concurrent with next year’s symposium on using archival materials in the classroom. The brochure will advise teachers on how to work with archivists to introduce archival material into the classroom and instruction. Please send any information on archival material in classroom instruction to Lynn.

PUBLICITY: Mary Hawkins reported she has been busy advertising the Spring symposium. She discussed the various sources she used to advertise the upcoming symposium and asked the group for ideas as to where else to advertise.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Ron Romig reminded everyone that there is money available, please apply for it. There will be three scholarships available for the symposium this Spring. People may apply themselves or nominate others for the scholarships. The last issue of The Dusty Shelf had an application form that applicants may submit with their symposium registration. The application form is also available on the KCAA web site. April 4th is the deadline for applications. Send applications to Jennifer Parker at Western Historical Manuscript Collection.

ANNUAL DINNER: This year’s annual dinner will be the evening of June 14th. There is no definite location yet but several are under consideration. Denise also asked the group to share any ideas for speakers with either herself or Bobbi Rahder.

The auction will be held again this year with all proceeds going to the Minority Internship Program. Pat Michaelis and Amy Leimkuhler will coordinate the auction as chairs of the Program committee.

The next meeting after the annual dinner will be in September.

ADJOURNMENT: Bobbi Rahder thanked those present for attending. Meeting adjourned at4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Leimkuhler


Annual Meeting and Banquet

June 14, 1997

Colony Steakhouse and Lobster Pot
Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City Area Archivists Annual Meeting and Auction took place on June 14, 1997, at the Colony Steakhouse and Lobster Pot, in Kansas City, MO, with 26 people in attendance. The meeting began about 7:40 p.m. with Denise Morrison, senior co-chair, welcoming everyone. Denise made a couple of announcements, including the fact that T-shirts were available for purchase, and then turned the meeting over to the junior co-chair, Bobbi Rahder who conducted the rest of the meeting.

SECRETARY No secretary's report was available because Amy Leimkuhler was ill.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Pat Michaelis handed out the treasurer's report for Matt Veatch, which was self-explanatory. There was no discussion or questions, so Bobbi asked for a motion for approval, which was unanimous.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Denise gave the Education Committee report for an absent Bob Knecht. The report summarized this past year's symposium and outlined an idea for next year's symposium. It also thanked all the committee members who had been involved this year.

PUBLICATIONS: Lynn Ward reiterated the plans for the Publications Committee to work on a teacher's guide for primary sources in the area, and said that the "Keeping Your Past" is almost ready to publish.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Jelain Chubb went over the Membership Committee's report of membership totals and announced she would be giving up the Committee chair to someone else. There was some discussion about lapsed members.

KCAA INTERN: Pat Michaelis announced the name of this year's minority intern, Rashanda Rhodes, who would be interning at Western Historical Manuscript Collections/UMKC.

PUBLICITY: Mary Hawkins had no report for the Publicity Committee.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Ron Romig said the Scholarship committee is still looking for applications for scholarship funding.

NEWSLETTER: Stan Ingersol, chair of the Newsletter Committee, was not in attendance to give a report.

AWARDS & NOMINATIONS: Dave Boutros made a proposal from the Awards and Nominations Committee for two honorary awards—KCAA Emeritus award, meant for those retiring from the profession, and KCAA Fellow, to persons, both members and non-members of KCAA, who are deserving of special recognition and acknowledgment. These awards are in addition to the KCAA Award of Excellence, which recognizes outstanding contributions made by institutions, organizations, and individuals in the preservation of the documentary heritage of the Greater Kansas City area. After some discussion, the proposal was voted on by the membership and approved. Dave announced there were no awards to give out this year.

Dave then placed the nomination for the slate of KCAA officers for fiscal year 1997-98: Bobbi Rahder, Senior co-chair; Lynn Ward, Junior co-chair; Jelain Chubb, Secretary; and Mary Hawkins, Treasurer. A motion was made and seconded and the membership voted its approval unanimously.

New Business

NEW MEMBER Under new business, Denise explained the new membership benefit of BENEFIT Dusty Shelf advertising for institutional members, pointing out the Bill Cole Enterprises advertisement in the latest issue. Dave Boutros announced he has a part-time position open at WHMC.

There being no further business or announcements, the meeting was adjourned to begin the auction.

Submitted by Denise Morrison and Bobbi Rahder


Fall Quarterly Meeting

September 18, 1997

Save-A-Connie Museum
Kansas City, Missouri

The first quarterly meeting of the 1997-1998 fiscal year, Thursday September 18, 1997, 2:15 p.m., Save-A-Connie Museum, Kansas City, Missouri. Bobbi Rahder, Senior co-chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the staff of the Save-A-Connie museum for hosting the meeting. She then introduced the officers elected at the annual meeting on June 14, 1997. Junior co-chair, Lynn Ward, Liberty Memorial, Kansas City; Secretary, Jelain Chubb, Kansas State Historical Society and Treasurer, Mary Hawkins, Kansas Collection, University of Kansas. She asked that the officers and committee chairs give their reports.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Jelain Chubb stated that the minutes of the June 14 meeting had not been relayed to her yet, but that they were scheduled for publication in the next issue of the Dusty Shelf. She also stated that while the organization had agreed to send meeting notices via e-mail to those with access, the implementation was cumbersome given her agency’s e-mail software. She will continue to mail meeting notices. Dave Boutros will explore the possibility of setting up an unmoderated list serve to provide information on KCAA activities and to encourage local discussion of archival topics.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Mary Hawkins issued a quarterly report. She noted that proceeds from the annual dinner auction had yielded $361 for KCAA's minority internship fund and that KCAA's overall fund balance is substantially higher (66% higher) than at this time last year. The expenditures for this quarter, show that KCAA's payment of an $80 corporate status fee was to reinstate KCAA's non-profit corporate status, which had lapsed in January 1996 but has now been reinstated thanks to considerable effort by past treasurer Matt Veatch.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: The new co-chairs of the committee are Marilyn Burlingame and Bettie Swointek of Western Historical Manuscript Collection. Marilyn reported that they have completed a "quickie" membership drive. Membership forms were sent to 32 members who have not renewed, 42 to former members and 281 to various individuals and institutions in eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. The next drive will be held during the membership renewal period.

The committee hopes to produce and mail the new KCAA directory by mid-to-late October.

PUBLICITY: Bobbi reported that we are still seeking a publicity chairperson. The position would require approximately 20 hours per year.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Chair, Bob Knecht, Kansas State Historical Society, stated that the emphasis of the education committee was to create a dialog with area educators to find out what their needs are, how we can get them and their classes into the archives. Since may teachers do not know we exist, we need to do outreach to them. One way is to develop a packet and canned presentation that KCAA members could use at teachers meetings, etc. This will take some effort and Bob asks that members interested in participating contact him.

MINORITY INTERNSHIP: Co-chairs are Amy Leimkuhler, Miller Nichols Library and Pat Michaelis, Kansas State Historical Society. Amy reported that letters of thanks had been sent to those contributing to the minority internship fund or to the auction. The auction raised .

This year’s intern Rashanda Rhodes chose Western Historical Manuscript Collection as the site of her internship. Due to her class schedule Rashanda will continue her internship into the fall. She has worked on several projects and is now doing the final processing of the papers of the local American Civil Liberties Union.

NEWSLETTER: Stan Ingersol, Church of the Nazarene, was unable to attend, but Bobbi asked that officers and chairs send all information pertinent information to him for inclusion in the Dusty Shelf. She also solicited contributions from the membership. Bobbi also reminded everyone to send information to Dave Boutros for the Web site.

PUBLICATIONS: No report. Chair, Katherine Long, Missouri Valley Special Collections, KCPL, was unable to attend.

SCHOLARSHIP: Chair, Denise Morrison, Kansas City Museum, was unable to attend. Mary Hawkins announced that the committee had awarded two scholarships of $200 to Letha Johnson and Jelain Chubb to offset the cost of attending the Society of American Archivists conference in Chicago. Applications for scholarships are available in the Dusty Shelf or by calling Denise.

AWARDS & NOMINATIONS: Dave Boutros, Western Historical Manuscript Collection, reported no activity.

NEW BUSINESS: Bobbi announced that although the turnout was small the Picnic on August 17 was great fun. She asked whether the membership wanted to have social gatherings during the year. Only a few people responded. Bobbi will plan another event later in the year.

Bobbi reminded everyone that John Mark Lambertson will once again present his Tombstone program on behalf of KCAA. The event is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Saturday, November 1 at the National Frontier Trail Center in Independence.

The next meeting will be held in Lawrence. Bobbi asked whether morning meetings would be better attended. Several stated that they would be unable to attend morning meetings.

Bobbi announced that KCAA members are invited to attend the Missouri Breakfast during the Midwest Archives Conference, October 16-18 in St. Louis.

KCAA is also co-sponsoring along with the Kansas State Historical Society the production of a poster for Kansas Archives Week, October 19-25. The business meeting was concluded.

Lynn Ward introduced Davis Boutros to talk about Safety issues regarding archival materials on the Internet. Ona Gieschen gave a brief history of the Save A Connie Museum and described the collections. A tour of the museum and aircraft was followed by refreshments.


Winter Quarterly Meeting

December 18, 1997

Kansas Geological Survey
Lawrence, Kansas

Report: The second quarterly meeting of the 1997-1998 membership year, Thursday December 18, 1997, 3:45 p.m., Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, Kansas.

The business meeting was preceded by a tour of the Kansas Geological Survey. Bobbi Rahder, senior co-chair thanked Janice Sorensen, KGS archivist for hosting the meeting. She then asked the officers and committee chairs to give their reports.

Secretary’s Report:  Jelain Chubb stated that the minutes of the September 18 meeting had  been published in the most recent issue of the Dusty Shelf and asked for any changes. Mary Hawkins requested that the Minority Internship report section of the minutes be corrected to show that the auction at the annual dinner had yielded $361 for the minority internship fund. Jelain noted the change and asked that the minutes be approved by the membership. The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mary Hawkins passed out copies of the quarterly report. The Tombstone  lecture by John Mark Lambertson on November 1 brought in $250 in admittance receipts and $103.87 was spent on printing and mailing lecture announcements. In addition, KCAA contributed $250 to the cost of printing 1000 Kansas Archives Week posters. Mary also reported that $5000 has been transferred into a one year step-up certificate of deposit with an interest rate of 6.02%.

Awards & Nominations:  Angela Curran is the new committee chair, taking over for Dave Boutros.  Angela stated that the committee was seeking nominations for the Award of Excellence, which recognizes outstanding contributions to preserving the documentary heritage of the greater Kansas City area. Nomination forms and guidelines were distributed to attendees and will appear in the Dusty Shelf.

Membership Committee:  Marilyn Burlingame and Bettie Swointek were unable to attend the  business meeting. Junior co-chair Lynn Ward reported that the 1997-98 Membership Directory had been mailed. Any changes in member information should be forwarded to Marilyn or Bettie.

Publicity Committee:  Bobbi noted that we are still in need of a publicity chairperson. The  position requires approximately 20 hours of service per year.

Minority Internship Report:  Amy Leimkuhler reported that preparations for the 1998 internship are  underway. The 1997 intern Rashanda Rhodes has not yet fulfilled the  terms of her agreement. She will be given the opportunity to complete the internship at Western Historical Manuscript Collection during the winter break; otherwise the internship will be terminated. The steering committee has discussed ways to ensure that recipients are contractually bound to complete the internship or return the funds received. Amy noted that only half of the $1500 award has been disbursed and that the remaining monies may be used to fund a partial internship for this year’s second place candidate.

Education Committee:  Bob Knecht stated that the committee has been working on assembling  information about using archives for a teacher’s packet. The packets will include lesson plans and ideas for student projects. A request for information about educational programs at area archives was included in the most recent Dusty Shelf.

The committee has received suggestions for a spring workshop on the Art and Architecture Thesaurus and is investigating the possibility of having a representative from the Getty Museum come to Kansas City. Such a presentation could also be offered to others responsible for the curation of historical materials. In addition, several people have indicated an interest in workshops on digitization and web page development.

Newsletter:   Stan Ingersol was unable to attend, so Bobbi reminded everyone to send information to him for inclusion in the Dusty Shelf. The steering committee will assist Stan by gathering newsworthy information from member institutions.

Publications Committee:  Katherine Long was unable to attend. Lynn Ward noted that the committee was still working on Keeping Your Past and a brochure for teachers aimed at encouraging the use of archives in their curriculum. The committee also hopes to have a new membership brochure available soon.

Scholarship Committee:  Denise Morrison reported no activity, but reminded everyone that funds  are available to offset the costs of attending professional conferences and workshops. Applications regularly appear in the Dusty Shelf or those interested may call Denise for a copy.

New Business

February Party:  Bobbi announced that a Banish-the-Blahs party would be held on February 15 at 4:00 at Western Historical Manuscript Collection. KCAA will provide the main dish and members are asked to bring side dishes. Everyone is encouraged to attend and to bring his or her family. A raffle for archival items will also be held. Reminders will be mailed in early February.

Kansas Archives Week:  KCAA was a co-sponsor of Kansas Archives Week, October 19-25. In  addition to helping fund an informational poster, KCAA officers attended a proclamation signing at Governor Bill Graves’ office. A copy of the proclamation will be added to the KCAA archives. KCAA hopes to continue and increase its involvement in Archives Week in the coming years.

Next Meeting:  The business meeting was concluded with an announcement of the next meeting on March 19, 1998 at the Jackson County Historical Society in Independence, Missouri.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jelain Chubb, Secretary