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Index of KCAA Meeting Minutes - 1998

Spring Quarterly Meeting

March 19, 1998

Jackson County Historical Society
Independence, Missouri

Report: The third quarterly meeting of the 1997-1998 membership year, Thursday March 19, 1998, 3:30 P.M., Jackson County Historical Society, Independence, Missouri.

Junior co-chair Lynn Ward thanked KCAA member Kelly Chambers and the staff of the Jackson County Historical Society for hosting the meeting. She then informed the membership that due to the increasing snowfall and hazardous traveling conditions the steering committee proposed dispensing with the formal business meeting. Instead, Jelain Chubb would give a summary of the steering committee meeting held earlier and would publish an abbreviated version in the The Dusty Shelf. Jelain asked that approval of the December 18 minutes be delayed until the June meeting. There were no objections from the membership.


Summary of the Minutes of the Third Meeting of the Steering Committee for the 1997-98 fiscal year, Thursday, March 19, 1998, 12:30 p.m. at the Rhineland Restaurant, Independence, Missouri. Present: Lynn Ward, Jelain Chubb, Marilyn Burlingame, Bettie Swiontek, Amy Leimkuhler, and Denise Morrison. Due to inclement weather several members were unable to attend. The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m.

Treasurer:  Mary Hawkins was unable to attend; however, she faxed the quarterly report to Lynn, who presented it to the committee. Income for the quarter included $74 from raffle ticket sales at the Banish-the-Blahs party on February 15, 1998, $60 from t-shirt/sweatshirt sales, and $120 from membership dues. In addition, the minority internship fund increased by $1000, upon receipt of contributions from the William T. Kemper Foundation and Charles W. Battey. Expenditures included $69.50 for the purchase of Into the Future videotape and a $25 contribution to the Arthur McClure Archives Fund in memory of the late KCAA member.

Awards/Nominations:  No report

Membership:  Marilyn Burlingame and Bettie Swiontek reported that membership stands at 176, including exchanges. One institutional and one individual joined during the quarter. As always KCAA is seeking to increase its membership base; the goal is 200 members. Membership renewals will be going out next month. Denise Morrison reminded the committee that institutional members have advertising benefits in the Dusty Shelf and that we may need to clarify the terms in the renewals.

Newsletter:  Stan Ingersol was unable to attend, but he was very pleased with the reporter system that was instrumental in gathering news for the last issue of The Dusty Shelf. The deadline for the next issue is May 15.

Minority Internship:  Amy Leimkuhler announced that Pat Michaelis has resigned as co-chair of the Committee. Matt Veatch and Letha Johnson mailed out the applications for host institution and intern last week. The deadline is April 15. While KCAA has advertised for one intern position at $1500 for 10 weeks, the intention is to also select a half time intern at $750 for 5 weeks. This will allow us to use the funds leftover from 1997’s intern. The committee is working on a formal contract, as the problem with last year’s intern has shown that a written commitment is necessary.

Scholarship:  Denise Morrison reported no activity. She reminded everyone that the funds are there for the use of the membership. Anyone attending a conference, workshop, or other educational activity is encouraged to apply.

Education:  Bob Knecht could not attend, but Lynn reported that the digitizing workshop was set for May 16 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The workshop will consist of two sessions, each two hours long. The first session is on the Internet and web page production; the second session is on digitization of collections. Those who are interested in a tour of the Fort will have an opportunity for a guided tour or may explore on their own. This information will be included on the brochures, which will be going out in mid-April.

Publicity:  No report. A committee chair is still needed.

Publications:  Katherine Long was not present. Lynn reported that Keeping Your Past has beenreformatted, but that they are in need of visual materials. Jelain sated that both the Kansas State Historical Society and the Missouri State Archives have photograph collections that document their preservation efforts. Lynn requested assistance and Jelain asked for a copy of the text so she could make recommendations. Lynn is also investigating printers.

New Business

Annual dinner: Previous discussions determined that the dinner would be held at the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka on June 6. The committee decided that Jelain and Pat Michaelis should be in charge of the particulars. Once again an auction will be held to benefit the Minority Internship Fund. Amy and Denise will do the auctioning. Information about the dinner will be sent to the membership by May 8.

The steering committee meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.


The business meeting concluded with a reminder of the Annual Dinner at the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka on June 6 and was followed by the introduction of Larry Larsen and Nancy Hulston, who spoke on the subject of their new book Pendergast!

Respectfully Submitted,

Jelain Chubb


Annual Dinner Meeting

June 5, 1998

Kansas State Historical Society
Topeka, Kansas

The annual dinner meeting for the 1997-1998 membership year, Saturday June 5, 1998, 7:00 P.M., Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, Kansas.

Senior Co-chair Bobbi Rahder began the business meeting by thanking the Kansas State Historical Society for acting as the host for the Annual Dinner and providing hors d’oeuvres; Denise Morrison and Amy Leimkuhler for organizing the auction; and Pat Michaelis, Jelain Chubb and Mary Hawkins for handling the arrangements.

Bobbi then proceeded to review the accomplishments of the organization during the past year, including participation in Kansas Archives Week, sponsorship of a digitization workshop, and increased social activities for the membership. A brief account of each committee’s work was given, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the officers, committee chairs and members throughout such an active year. Special recognition was given to outgoing committee chairs Bob Knecht, Education; Pat Michaelis, Minority Internship; and Junior Co-chair Lynn Ward. Bobbi reminded the membership that joining a committee provides opportunities not only for service to the organization and the archival community, but also for networking within the area. In closing she stated that it was due to the participation and dedication of the membership that KCAA was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and encouraged more of the same to lead KCAA into the 21st century. (The full text of Bobbi’s remarks is printed in the Corner Chair.)

Secretary’s Report:  Jelain Chubb noted that as the minutes of the previous meeting awaited publication in the Dusty Shelf, the officers had determined that approval should be postponed until the membership has had time to review them. There were no objections.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mary Hawkins provided both a quarterly report covering the period from March 19 to June 6, 1998 and an annual report for the 1997-98 membership year. The current balance is $10,781.08 and includes a $5000 certificate of deposit. The general fund, which supports most of KCAA’s activities, is seriously depleted, with $270.77 as the current balance. Dues from the membership renewal will shortly add revenue to this fund.

Publications Committee:  Lynn Ward announced that the committee hopes to have Keeping Your Past ready for distribution during the fall. She and Jelain have selected images from photo files at the Missouri State Archives and the Kansas State Historical Society as illustrations. Both institutions have agreed to provide copies at no charge. Jelain will also contact a colleague at the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office about doing the layout of the publication.

Membership Committee:  Marilyn Burlingame reported that the membership renewal/drive would commence soon. Forms will be sent to members in the coming weeks. The committee asks that all members of KCAA encourage their colleagues to join the organization. The current membership stands at 176, which includes exchanges. A minimum of 200 mailings is needed to qualify for the bulk mailing rate. Marilyn noted that one new member joined during the quarter.

New Business

1998-1999 Committee Chairs

There being no other committee reports, Bobbi announced the names of the committee chairs for the next year:

Awards & Nominations/Ron Romig, RLDS Church

Newsletter/Stan Ingersol, Church of the Nazarene

Membership/Marilyn Burlingame and Bettie Swiontek, WHMC-UMKC

Minority Internship/Amy Leimkuhler, Truman Presidential Library

Scholarship/Denise Morrison, Kansas City Museum

Publications/Pam Kontowicz, Combined Arms Research Library

Education/Bobbi Rhader, Haskell University

1998-1999 Officers

The slate of nominees for elective posts was announced:

Senior Co-chair/Lynn Ward, Liberty Memorial

Junior Co-chair/Eric Page, Unity School of Christianity

Secretary/Jelain Chubb, Missouri Local Records Program

Treasurer/Mary Hawkins, Kansas Collection, KU

Cynthia Shively moved that the nominees be accepted by the membership. Amy Leimkuhler seconded the motion. As there was no objection, the motion passed.

Bobbi concluded the business meeting by reminding those present that KCAA T-shirts are still available. Please contact Ann McFerrin for details. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. The business meeting was followed by the 3rd annual auction to benefit the minority internship fund.

Respectfully submitted,

Jelain Chubb



September 23,1998

University of Kansas Medical Center Archives
Kansas City, Kansas

Report: The first quarterly meeting of the 1998-1999 membership year, Wednesday, September 23, 1998, 2:00 P.M., University of Kansas Medical Center Archives, Kansas City, Kansas.

Senior co-chair Lynn Ward introduced the officers and committee chairs for the year, including the junior co-chair Eric Page of the Unity Archives.

New Business

Jelain Chubb proposed that the membership consider conducting a genealogical research/preservation workshop to benefit the Minority Internship Fund. The event would include: presentations from members on conducting research in area institutions, an introduction to special collections/records of particular note, and a segment on how to preserve family documents and photographs. In addition to the information presented, participants would receive samples of various archival supplies, the KCAA Directory of Area Repositories, and the revised Keeping Your Past. A $25 course fee was suggested.

Lynn asked Jelain to work with the Education Committee to plan the workshop.


Secretary: Jelain Chubb reminded those present that minutes from the December, March and June meeting need to be approved. Weather conditions in March and limited time in June had prevented prior approval, although the minutes had been published. She provided copies and asked for any changes to the minutes as they appeared in The Dusty Shelf. There being no changes, the motion to approve the minutes as published was seconded and carried.

Treasurer: Mary Hawkins reported that the $5000 Certificate of Deposit purchased in September 1997 at an interest rate of 6.02% had matured. The interest earned was $303.79. The steering committee earlier approved Mary’s proposal to reinvest the principal and the interest on 9/29/98 at a rate of 5.15% APY. The funds can be withdrawn without penalty and reinvested should a better interest rate appear elsewhere.

The cost of the annual dinner exceeded receipts by $154.26. (In previous years the cost of each dinner reservation was normally set to assure cost recovery.) However, the auction yielded $330 for the minority internship fund. This compares favorably with $361 received in 1997 from a larger audience.

Awards and Nominations: Ron Romig reminded those present that KCAA is seeking nominations for the 1999 Award of Excellence and the Holley Award. There were no nominations received in 1998. Information about the awards appears regularly in The Dusty Shelf. It is also not too early to nominate individuals for leadership positions for the 1999-2000 term.

Membership: Marilyn Burlingame reported that the 1998-99 membership drive resulted in 9 new members, 5 new institutional members, and 1 new supporting institutional member. Another drive will be considered in January, with the possibility of offering a six month "free" membership.

Renewal forms were sent to members in early July and a reminder in August. Receipts are coming in on par with previous years.

Publicity: Lynn Ward announced that the position had not been filled as of yet and asked for volunteers. It was estimated that the position would require approximately 20 hours per year. Those interested should read the position descriptions and contact Lynn or Eric.

Minority Internship: Amy Leimkuhler announced that the summer intern did not work out and that the position would be re-opened for the fall semester. Matt Veatch and Letha Johnson are working on the announcements.

Education: Bobbi Rahder stated that the committee would explore the possibility of the proposed genealogical/preservation workshop. She also announced that the committee is still working on the teacher’s resource packet.

Newsletter: Stan Ingersol thanked all that contributed to the last edition of The Dusty Shelf. In addition he recognized Bobbi Rahder for the feature article "Frank Rinehart’s Legacy of Images: A Centennial Remembrance." Stan encouraged more submissions of this type. The reporter system is providing much needed information about activities at area institutions. The deadline for the next issue is November 10.

Publications: Pam Kontowicz reported that Jelain Chubb is getting a bid on the cost of layout and printing for Keeping Your Past. Work is also continuing on a new brochure for KCAA and a brochure focusing on the educational aspect of archives.

Scholarship: Denise Morrison could not be present. No activity was reported, but membership was reminded that scholarships of up to $200 per year are available to assist in attending conferences, workshops, or other educational activities.

Lynn Ward concluded the meeting by thanking Nancy Hulston and the KU Medical Center Archives for their hospitality. The meeting was adjourned at 3:23 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jelain Chubb



December 10, 1998

Kansas City Parks and Recreation Archives
Kansas City, Missouri

The second quarterly meeting of the 1998-1999 membership year, Thursday, December 10, 1998, 2:30 p.m., Kansas City Parks and Recreation Archives, Kansas City, Missouri.

After a tour of the archives and refreshments, senior co-chair Lynn Ward called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m.


Newsletter: Stan Ingersol stated that publication of The Dusty Shelf had been delayed until after the first of the year. There is still time for late submissions. A March issue is also planned. Stan noted that we are in need of feature articles for the next three issues, including the March publication. Articles focusing on personalities and collections are desired. The deadline for the next issue is March 10th.

Secretary: Jelain Chubb provided copies of the September minutes. She noted changes requested earlier at the steering committee meeting and asked for any additional corrections. There being none, Ann Schultis moved that the minutes be approved. Amy Williams seconded the motion and it was approved without objection.

Treasurer: Mary Hawkins distributed the quarterly report. A $500 check from the William T. Kemper Foundation designated for the Minority Internship Fund, $303.79 in interest on a 12-month certificate of deposit, and $860 in membership dues raised the total balance to $14,264.96.

Awards and Nominations: Ron Romig announced that Dave Boutros was attempting to produce the Holley Award. Dave will probably produce a number of the awards, so that we have them in stock for future use. Last year there were no nominations for the award, so the membership is strongly encouraged to give some thought to deserving nominees. Information about nomination will be placed in The Dusty Shelf, but contact Ron with any questions or suggestions.

Membership: Bettie Swiontek stated that the 1998-99 membership directory is in the final stages. Anyone who wants to ensure that his or her contact information is correct should see Bettie today. The directory will be mailed before the end of the month.

Minority Internship: Amy L. Williams reported that two interns Adia Robinson and Dorthea Welch has been placed at Western Historical Manuscripts Collection and the University of Kansas Medical Center Archives for the fall semester. In the future the committee will interview applicants in the Fall for a Spring Internship.

Amy also reported that Deborah Dandridge had contacted her about possible support for a preservation workshop focusing on the Kansas City African American community. Jelain stated that she had discussed the preservation/genealogical workshop with Deborah at the Mid-West Archives Conference and that Deborah had been very enthusiastic and eager to gain community support for the Minority Internship. Amy agreed that planning the workshop should fall to the Minority Internship committee.

Education: Bobbi Rahder could not attend. Lynn Ward stated that the Education committee was still focusing on the teacher’s resource packet and a new KCAA brochure.

Publications: Pam Kontowicz reported that a contract for graphic design and layout for Keeping Your Past had been approved. The committee will review drafts in February.

Scholarship: Denise Morrison reported no activity. She stated that funds are available to assist members in their pursuit of continuing education. There is a $2745 in the fund.

Lynn Ward concluded the business meeting by thanking Ann McFerrin and the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Archives for hosting the meeting. Ann introduced KCAA member Jack Nesbitt who discussed his recent testimony on the Nixon Presidential records project.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jelain Chubb