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Index of KCAA Meeting Minutes - 1999


March 19, 1999

Johnson County Central Resource
Shawnee Mission, Kansas

The third meeting of the 1998-99 membership year was held Friday, March 19, 1999, 12:40 p.m. at the Johnson County Central Resource Library in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

Eric Page, Junior Co-chair, called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. Eric asked the members present for any new business for discussion. There being none the officers and committee chairs submitted their reports.

Secretary: Jelain Chubb distributed copies of the minutes from the December meeting. As there were no corrections requested, the members present approved the minutes.

Treasurer: Mary Hawkins provided copies of the quarterly report and gave an account of the limited financial activity. Expenses surpassed income this quarter, largely due to the minority intern payment.

Awards and Nominations: Ron Romig reminded the membership that the election of officers and presentation of awards will be held on June 12 at the Annual Dinner. He passed out the form for nominations and described the awards, including two new certificates of appreciation: KCAA emeritus which will enable us to recognize retiring members and the KCAA Fellow to recognize those who have contributed to the organization. Nomination forms will be available to all members in the next Dusty Shelf.

Education: Bobbi Rahder announced that the education committee was still focusing on the teacher’s resource packet and a new KCAA brochure. She also suggested that we might be able to partner with the Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board task force on a technical leaflet and video project to highlight archival issues. The audience would be staff members of smaller institutions that are unable to attend national and regional archival meetings.

Membership: Marilyn Burlingame reiterated that our mailing costs could be significantly reduced if we can raise the number of mailings to 200, which would qualify us for bulk rate. The current number is 177. Please consider sending in your mailing lists. Marilyn also reminded the members that membership renewal time is approaching.

Minority Internship: Amy Williams was unable to attend the quarterly meeting, so Eric Page summarized her earlier report to the steering committee. One intern has completed the internship and that the second is nearing completion. The committee is also considering a change in the name and description of the internship. They also hope to get started on the proposed genealogical workshop very soon.

Newsletter: Stan Ingersol could not be present. He called Lynn Ward earlier to say that The Dusty Shelf would be out in the next few weeks.

Publications: Pam Kontowicz reported that Keeping Your Past is in final revisions and will be going to print in the next month or so. Intentions are to begin with a 500-copy printing. Rough price estimates are $4-5 for KCAA members and $8-9 for non-members. The publication will be advertised on the web-site and appropriate listserves. Other suggestions are welcome.

Scholarship: Denise Morrison announced that the committee has awarded a $200 scholarship to Lynn Ward to help defray the cost of attending a workshop on the care and preservation of oversized material at the Campbell Center. As always, the membership is encouraged to take advantage of the funds set-aside for continuing education.


Ann McFerrin announced that she had KCAA T-shirts for sale after the meeting.

The members were encouraged to attend the Annual Banquet, June 12 at the Italian Gardens in Downtown, Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to the election of officers, there will be an auction of items donated by the membership in order to raise money for the Minority Internship Fund. Those who are unable to attend are still encouraged to donate items for the auction. Information will be mailed in early May.

The business meeting was adjourned and the membership enjoyed a presentation by Will Elsberg on Johnson County Library’s local history collection. A tour of the library and refreshments followed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jelain Chubb



June 12, 1999

Italian Gardens Restaurant
Kansas City, MO

The Annual Dinner meeting began at 6:00 p.m. as members arrived with contributions for the Minority Internship auction. Silent bidding began shortly after.

Dave Boutros, presented Jonathan Kemper with the KCAA Award of Excellence. Diner followed.

Business Meeting

Lynn Ward called the business meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. She expressed her gratitude towards KCAA for giving her the opportunity to serve as Co-Chair. She was able to work with many fine people.

Treasurer: Mary Hawkins passed out a handout of the Quarterly Report with the income and expenses of KCAA, and Fund Balances.

Membership: Marilyn Burlingame and Bettie Swiontek reported that membership has increased but we still do not have enough to qualify for bulk mail prices.

Publications: Pam Kontowicz stated that Keeping Your Past is now at the printer’s and will be ready in a few weeks. Pam invited everyone to take a look at the draft copy available at the meeting.

Scholarship: Denise Morrison reported that two scholarships have been awarded by KCAA, one to attend a class at the Campbell Center in Mt. Carroll, IL, the other for traveling expenses to make a presentation. Denise reminded everyone that money is available for scholarships.

Awards and Nominations: Ron Romig announced the nominations of Deborah Dandridge as Jr. Co-Chair, and Letha Johnson as Secretary for the 1999-2000 term. Dandridge and Johnson were elected unanimously as nominated. David Boutros was presented with the Fellow Award.

The minority internship fundraiser followed.


Minutes of the Fall Quarterly Meeting


September 16, 1999

Harry S. Truman National Historic Site
Independence, Missouri

The first quarterly meeting of the 1999-2000 membership year, Thursday, September 16, 1999, 2:30 p.m., Harry S Truman National Historic Site Visitors Center, Independence, Missouri.

Senior Co-chair Eric Page called the meeting to order at 2:40 p.m., and thanked Carol Dage and Harry S Truman National Historic Site Visitors Center for having us. The site director gave a brief welcome and description of the buildings and collections that make up the site. Eric showed the promotional video from the Nebraska Historical Society for the Fall Mac Conference. He then introduced the officers and committee chairs for the year and informed the membership of the committee chair vacancies for the Minority Internship and Publicity Committees.

New Business:


Winter Quarterly - December 9, 1999 at Johnson County
Fall Outreach Program - November. There will be a $5(?) fee.
Spring Quarterly - March 9, 2000 at National Archives in Lee Summit
Annual Dinner - June 10, 2000 in Lawrence. Location TBA.

SPRING SYMPOSIUM Preservation Workshop: 
Format would be "back to basics" theme and the workshop would also be a fund-raiser for the Minority Internship fund. Eric asked that members submit suggestions and ideas to the Education Committee members.


Secretary: Letha Johnson has not received the previous meeting minutes from Jelain Chubb as of today. They will be submitted at the next meeting.

Treasurer: Mary Hawkins was not present at the meeting, but sent along the Treasurer’s report. KCAA is in good standing, with income exceeding expenses this quarter. The motion to approve the report as published was seconded and carried.

Awards & Nominations Committee: Ron Romig asked for nominees for officers and award recipients. He also commented on the two new awards that the committee is working on with the Education Committee.

Education Committee: Bobbie Rahder submitted the committee’s 1999 Annual Report. This year’s goal is for the committee to complete the education resources packet for teachers that was started by Bob Knecht. The committee is also working with the Awards and Nominations Committee on the establishment of two new awards related to education. One award would be given to the institution with the best educational program and the other would go to a teacher for the best use of primary source materials in the classroom and for History Day projects. Bobbie also explained in greater detail the proposed preservation workshop to be held in place of the Spring Symposium this year.

Membership Committee: Marilyn Burlingame reported that as of September 15 there were 121 renewals and 53 non-renewals, most of which were first year members. Renewal reminders have been sent out, but not many have generated a response. This will effect KCAA’s ability to receive the bulk mail rate if we do not receive more renewals. Marilyn suggested that we look at what KCAA can do to better meet the expectations of new members.

Minority Internship Committee: Amy Williams was unable to attend, so there was no report to be given. Carol Dage’s name was mentioned as the possible new chairperson for the committee.

NEWSLETTER: Stan Ingersol announced that he will do four more issues of the newsletter to bring it up to date and will then step down as editor. The next issue should be out in about two weeks. He requested that institutional news articles be submitted next week along with any ideas on a front page article. A notice will be posted on the KCAA listserv as well. It was suggested that an assistant editor be brought in to work with Stan for some "on the job training" before Stan leaves.

Publication Committee: Pam Kontowicz announced that Keeping Your Past was at the printers. She passed around an advance copy for the members to look at. The committee is also working with the Education Committee on a brochure.

Scholarship Committee: Denise Morrison reported that two members requested scholarships to attend conferences. The fund is in good standing. She also asked those present to remind the other members of the fund.

Other Business: Eric shared the "Thank You" letter KCAA received from MAC’s Local Arrangement Committee. The letter is in response to KCAA’s sponsorship of a table during a conference break.

Carol Dage gave a presentation on her involvement with the NPS inventory of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. home and King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. A brief video of the preliminary walk through of the King home was shown.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m. A tour of the Truman Site’s off site storage facility and small reception followed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Letha E. Johnson, Secretary


Minutes of the Winter Quarterly Meeting

December 9, 1999

Johnson County Museum
Shawnee, Kansas

Senior Co-chair Eric Page called the meeting to order at 2:37 PM at the Johnson County Museum.  He began by welcoming the members present and thanking Janet Campbell for agreeing to host the meeting.

There was a reminder of upcoming events:

  • The next KCAA meeting is on March 9th, 2000 at the Lee’s Summit Records Center of the National Archives

  •  June 10, 2000 will be the date of the KCAA annual dinner in Lawrence at a place to be determined

The minutes of previous meetings were passed out for review by the members.

Treasurer's Report: There was a treasurer’s report given  by  Mary  Hawkins.  (Copy appended to the minutes).  The previous balance was $13,741; the current balance is $14,483.35.  The increase is from dues, sales of T-shirts and interest on accounts.  The only expenses for the quarter were for the Midwest Archives Conference in October.  Mary also said that the KCAA account was with Bank of America, due to a  bank merger.  She suggested taking some of the account balance and placing it into a CD.

Awards Committee: Ron Romig said that nominations for officers would be needed soon.  Also, nominations for awards were needed.  The different categories of awards are the KCAA award of excellence given to nonmembers of KCAA, the KCAA fellows award for members or nonmembers, and the KCAA emeritus award for a retired member of  the archival profession.

Education Committee: Bobbi Rahder was unable to come to the meeting.  Plans for a workshop next spring are under way.

Membership Committee: Bettie Swiontek reported that KCAA has 147 members, with 28 non-renewals.  She offered to take a check from any renewing members today and asked for new members.  The deadline for inclusion in the KCAA directory is the end of December.

Publications Committee: Pam Kontowicz  reported that the booklet “Keeping Your Past” is now available for purchase.  The price will be $8.00 for KCAA members and $12.00 for nonmembers.  Publicity for the booklet will be going out soon.  Members were asked to provide suggestions for places and societies that would be potential purchasers of the booklets.

Scholarship Committee: Lynn Ward reported that KCAA has scholarships available for members wanting to attend workshops, training or conventions.  For more information on scholarships, contact Lynn or look at the KCAA Web site.

Minority Internship Committee: Amy Williams reported that the committee was reviewing the internship contract and hoping to rewrite it so that the expectations of each party are clearly spelled out.  The deadline for spring applicants has passed with only one application received.

The minutes of the previous meetings were then reviewed.  A correction was made to the September minutes; Lynn Ward should be listed instead of Denise Morrison.  With this correction a motion was made to accept the minutes.  The motion was seconded and approved.

Members were then asked to introduce themselves and their institutions.

Ann McFerrin brought the last of the T-shirts and announced these were all that were left.  Members were urged to purchase them.

Janet Campbell, the director of the Johnson County Museum, then talked about the development of the museum and the acquisition of the all-electric house. 

The meeting adjourned at 3:07 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Pamela Kontowicz
Publications Chair