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Index of KCAA Meeting Minutes - 2000


March 9, 2000

National Records Center
Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Tours of the NARA Lee’s Summit Records Center and a brief question and answer session preceded the 3rd Quarterly Meeting.

Senior Co-chair Eric Page called the meeting to order and thanked our host, Alan Perry, and the staff at the NARA Lee’s Summit Records Center. He then turned the meeting over to the Junior Co-chair Deborah Dandridge.

The first order of business was the introduction of the members present to give everyone an idea of the types of archives represented in KCAA.  There were 33 members present at the meeting!

Annual Dinner:  This year the Annual Dinner will be held on June 10, at 6:00 p.m., at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, KS. There will be three entrees to choose from. Members will receive more information at a later time.

Secretary’s Report:  (Letha E. Johnson)  There were no meeting minutes to pass along since the Secretary was unable to attend the last Quarterly Meeting.  Minutes will be published in the newsletter; members can report discrepancies to Eric Page.

Treasurer’s Report:  (Mary Hawkins) Mary was unable to attend the meeting but sent along a report.  Forty-one copies of Keeping Your Past have been paid for; there are seven copies that are awaiting payment of invoices. The previous and current balances include the purchase of a 12-month (5.60% APY) and an 8-month (6.02% APY) certificates of deposit.

Awards & Nominations Committee:  (Ron Romig)  The committee has received one nomination for the Award of Excellence.  Cynthia Laframboise (KSHS) has nominated Dr. L. F. “Pat” Robinson, the Emporia State University Registrar. Ron reminded members that KCAA can give out more than one Award of Excellence and to please nominate anyone they think qualifies. Ron also reminded the members that it is time to nominate officers and a junior co-chair for the next fiscal year. If any members want to be considered for any of the positions, or know someone who would be a good candidate, they are to contact either Ron or the co-chairs.

Membership Committee:  (Marilyn Burlingame & Bettie Swiontek)  Directories have been sent out - please report any corrections to the committee chairs. This year there were 164 paid members and 27 exchanges; this is 9 short for a bulk mailing rate. The committee also reported that 41 copies of Keeping Your Past have been sold to date. We are awaiting the payment for 7 copies due to invoicing; sales peaked after the newsletter was mailed out. The income from the publication will be tracked by the treasurer.

Minority Internship Committee:  (Amy Williams) There will be no intern this spring since only one application was received.  Amy continues to make progress on the development of the internship contract and will work on ways to better promote the internship in conjunction with the other committee members.

Newsletter:  (Stan Ingersol)  Stan wants the next issue to be an “actually” double-issue, and he will try to get the next issue out within two weeks.  The double-issue will leave Stan committed to only two more issues. He needs to have more institutions submit news;  Eric Page suggested that members could take information from their institutions’ monthly reports.  Stan suggested that an editorial team be formed to produce the newsletter once he steps down. One of the new members volunteered to work on the team.

Publications:  (Pam Kontowicz)  Pam asked for ideas as to where she could send brochures to promote Keeping Your Past. She had a mock-up of the brochures and will have them produced and sent out as soon as possible.

Publicity:  No report. Deborah Dandridge will offer the chair to a person interested in filling the position.

Scholarship Committee:  (Lynn Ward)  Lynn was unable to attend the meeting due to the recent birth of her daughter.  Eric Page reminded the membership that the fund is there to help with the costs associated with attending conferences.

The next meeting will coincide with the Annual Dinner. The dinner will be held at 6:00  p.m. on June 10, 2000 at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas. The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Letha E. Johnson



June 6, 2000

Eldridge House Hotel 
Lawrence, Kansas

Outgoing Senior Co-chair Eric Page started the evening by welcoming those present.  After dinner, Eric opened the business meeting by turning the meeting over to the new Senior Co-chair, Deborah Dandridge. The first order of business was to hear the reports from the officers and committee chairs.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: (Letha Johnson) Letha distributed the minutes from the previous two meetings.  She also thanked the National Archives Record Center in Lee’s Summit for hosting the last quarterly meeting in March, and reported that 33 members were present at that meeting. 

TREASURER’S REPORT: (Mary Hawkins): Mary distributed copies of the Treasurer’s quarterly and annual reports. She reported that 103 copies of Keeping Your Past have been sold and that there should be an $800 profit from selling all the copies printed.  Mary also reported that membership has been up over the last two years. 

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: (Marilyn Burlingame & Bettie Swiontek): There will only be one reminder sent to members who have not paid their membership dues so that the new Membership Directory can be distributed this fall.  KCAA will have a table at a Genealogical Conference in July to promote Keeping Your Past.  The committee mailed 348 letters with Keeping Your Past brochures to various genealogical and historical institutions and 108 agencies. 

NEWSLETTER: (Stan Ingersol): Stan spoke about the upcoming issue of the newsletter which will be             his last.  He also suggests that an editorial team of three be established to take over the newsletter. 

SENIOR CO-CHAIR: (Eric Page): There are three attributes that characterize KCAA, (1) quality of the People committed to their jobs and to preserving history and KCAA, (2) constancy—things do not move fast because we have only four meetings a year, but we’re still here, and 3) KCAA is known for doing something.  The organization’s membership is more diverse and continuing.

AWARD & NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE: (Ron Romig):  Ron was unable to attend the dinner, but Angela Curran reported on his behalf.  The election of officers commenced and the nominations were duly approved: Senior Co‑chair: Deborah Dandridge, Junior Co‑chair: Cynthia Laframboise, Scholarship Committee Chair: Eric Page.  Letha Johnson will remain the secretary, and Mary Hawkins will remain the treasurer.  Marilyn Burlingame, Bettie Swiontek, Pam Kontowicz, Ron Romig, and Amy Williams will continue to chair their respective committees.

No reports were submitted from the Education, Minority Internship, Publications, Publicity, and Scholarship Committees.  The Publication’s Committee report on the sales of Keeping Your Past was covered in the reports from the Membership Committee and the Treasurer.  Ann Marvin will continue to sell the remaining KCAA T-shirts. 

THE ANNUAL ADDRESS: Following reports from the officers and committee chairs, Bob Knecht of the Kansas State Historical Society presented his humorous speech, “Knecht’s Archival Axioms Revised.”


AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Cynthia Laframboise presented the award to Dr. L.F. “Pat” Robinson, the Emporia State University Registrar.  In addition to being the registrar, Dr. Robinson is Emporia State’s Record Officer and teaches at the university.  Dr. Robinson played a key role in the development of the retention and disposition schedule for Emporia State.  This schedule will be the model for the development of retention and disposition schedules for other Kansas universities and community colleges. 

Dr. Robinson gave a short acceptance speech in which he thanked Cynthia Laframboise and Linda Barnickel, from the Kansas State Historical Society’s Records Management Section, for their help in developed the retention and disposition schedule.

CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION: Jelain Chubb and Michael Douglas received Certificates of Appreciation for their work on Keeping Your Past.  Mr. Douglas helped with the designer and layout, while Ms. Chubb (a KCAA member) contributed to the writing and provided photographs.

Stan Ingersol received a Certificate of Appreciation for his 10 years of service as the newsletter’s editor.  Mr. Ingersol is the outgoing editor of KCAA’s newsletter The Dusty Shelf.

AWARD OF FELLOW: This year’s Award of Fellow was presented to Bob Knecht for his continual support of KCAA.  Mr. Knecht was present at the very first KCAA meeting, served as chair of the Education Committee, and helped organize many of the Spring Symposiums.  He is also known and appreciated for his willingness to help other members of KCAA.

THE FALL MEETING: The date, time, and location of the next quarterly meeting will be distributed to the membership at a later date.  The meeting adjourned.




September 28, 2000

KCAA’s Fall Quarterly Meeting was a social occasion, with announcements but little business per se.  To keep members abreast of developments, however, the following highlights were culled and edited from the minutes of the Steering Committee meeting that preceded the Quarterly Meeting:  

 KCAA Steering Committee

 Western Historical Manuscript Collection
Kansas City, MO 

The Steering Committee meeting began with introductions. 

Mary Hawkins asked fellow officers to review the minutes in draft form, perhaps by e‑mail, before the next meeting to ensure that they are correct before publication in the Dusty Shelf.  The board agreed.  Mary presented the Treasurer’s report, which indicated that KCAA’s account balance is in good shape.  She suggested that we roll over the Step Up CD, which will mature on September 30, because we can readily withdraw the money without penalty.  While the interest rate is not as high as with other CDs, it is an acceptable rate and flexible for our needs.  The board agreed to the motion.

Marilyn Burlingame mentioned that there were 12 outstanding orders for Keeping Your Past and that publishing it was rather expensive.  A decision was reached to sell KYP for $10.00 to people who purchased it onsite at workshops, conferences, etc., but maintain the $12.00 price for orders that require shipping and handling.  

Stan Ingersol reported that he will edit one last newsletter.  He recommended that we accept Stuart Hinds as the new newsletter editor, with assistance from Mary Burtzloff.  The board agreed.  Discussion revolved around the type of information to include in the newsletter.  Mary Hawkins suggested that we focus on area news more than the national arena but noted that this would require input from members.  Minutes and abbreviated committee reports were deemed important.  One suggestion was to produce more newsletters that are smaller in scope.

Brian Culp was introduced as the new chair of the Publicity Committee.

The next meeting will be December 14th at 2:00 in the Spencer Research Library.


KCAA Winter Quarterly Meeting

December 14, 2000
(Corrected Version Approved March 8, 2001)

Spencer Research Library – University Of Kansas

Deborah Dandridge started the meeting by having the members present introduce themselves. The next item of business was the reports from the Officers and Committee Chairs.

Secretary (Letha Johnson): Corrected Minutes from the Fall Quarterly Meeting will be published in the newsletter; Letha will also bring copies of the minutes to the Spring 2001 meeting. The Spring Quarterly Meeting will be held at the Johnson County Archives in Olathe, Kansas.

Treasurer’s Report (Mary Hawkins): Mary reported that the organization has increased its revenue to $16,000 plus. Keeping Your Past sales are at $204; there are 179 copies that have been paid for. The reports were approved.

Membership Committee (Marilyn Burlingame): The membership stands at 150 members; there were 22 members who did not renew. The new Membership Directory should be mailed around Dec. 15. There was a discussion about making the Membership Directory available on-line; the issue of privacy was raised in response to this.

Publicity Committee (Bryan Culp): Bryan reported on his attempts to build a list of contacts to inform about upcoming meetings and events. He welcomed any suggestions from the membership.

Publication Committee (Pamela Kontowicz): Plans are underway to create additional publicity for Keeping Your Past. There is an opportunity for selling more copies at the Kansas Archeology Training Program to be held in Atchison, Kansas this year.

Newsletter (Stan Ingersol/Stuart Hinds/Mary Burtzloff): Information for the next newsletter can still be sent in until Dec. 15; this is Stan’s last edition as editor. Stuart Hinds is leading the transition to a new editor.

Awards Committee (Angela Curran): Awards nominations are being accepted. The focus of the Holly Award was discussed.

There were no reports from the Education, Scholarship, and Minority Internship Committees. After reports from the officers and committee chairs were given, discussion turned to the next two meetings and the Spring Symposium. At the conclusion of the business meeting, Sherry Williams gave a brief history of the Spencer Research Library before the members were given a tour of the facility.

Becky Schulte gave a presentation on the Wilcox Collections and the capturing of political extremist websites.

The employees of the Spencer Research Library were thanked for hosting the Spring Quarterly Meeting, and the meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Letha E. Johnson, Secretary