The Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding contributions made by non-KCAA members to preserving the documentary heritage of the Greater Kansas City area and beyond. Recipients may include the region’s historical management professionals who have provided exemplary leadership or promoted excellence through institutional and professional achievements. Recipients may also be organizations or institutions which meet that criteria.  Recipients will be presented with KCAA’s Holly Award.

The KCAA Awards Committee evaluates nominees on the basis of information provided on the nomination form and its accompanying material.

Examples of areas in which contributions might take place include, but are not limited to:

  • implementation of noteworthy management techniques
  • development of conservation programs
  • stimulation of document preservation through aggressive and focused collection development programs
  • encouragement of researcher use of archival holdings through a directed program
  • coordination of multi-agency cooperative solutions to particular archival problems
  • exemplary public programming efforts



 Two other categories of recognition are available for nomination as well:

KCAA Fellow, intended to recognize persons, either members or non-members, deserving of special recognition and acknowledgment, via a KCAA Certificate of Appreciation

KCAA Emeritus, acknowledging KCAA members or non-members retiring from the archival profession, via a Certificate of Appreciation